Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Geek Girl by Holly Smale

Geek girl by Holly Smale,
What can I say?

I've read to many books over these years. horror, romance, supernatural and etc.
I've read over 150 books this year so what can I say about Geek Girl?

Well, ill tell you. its beautiful and magical. i was squealing and jumping up and down while reading it. I finished reading it in less then 4 hours!!!!! and it was great. I definitely recommend it but it may or may not be good depending on the books you read.

 I found it good because I read loads of genres of books like romance, comedy, dark stuff, supernatural and dystopian books and 'normal books' [ what i call books about people, friendship and life which have no supernatural stuff ].

One weird thing I can say about this books is the fact that it made me think of magical things and happy things and unicorns? I don't know but the feeling I got by reading this was similar to being high [high on sugar and energy, not cocaine and drugs]. If you have any questions about these book feel free to comment below. Thanks and this is all.

 Keep on reading my blog and tell people about it. thxs.

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